18 November 2010

The small chocolate maker Guido Gobino of Turin and the “torrone” manufacturer Relanghe of Alba (Cuneo) will describe their production processes, which are unique because they are based on an exceptional raw material: the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” variety of the P.G.I. Piedmontese Hazelnut. This precious fruit from the Langhe area comes together with chocolate to create a new form of the latter: Gianduja chocolate, which was invented in the second half of the 19th century in Turin – the capital of Italy at the time – and is currently gaining ground on the more “fashionable” dark chocolate.
When P.G.I. Piedmontese Hazelnuts are combined with Italian honey and sugar, the highly traditional Piedmontese crumbly torrone (a type of nougat) is produced.
At this event, which is open to all of the friends of the Bistrot, it will be possible to savour roast P.G.I. Piedmontese Hazelnuts in the recipes in which they are put to best use: the Giandujottini Tourinot and Tourinot Maximo by Guido Gobino and the Relanghe Hazelnut Crumbly Torrone. There will also be informal discussions of the Langhe area and Piedmontese culinary habits.
Presentation by Carlo Manina of Relanghe srl
Coordinators: Pietro Casciato and Sergio Fragiacomo

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